4th YEAR

1-6 Months

Andy is already 3.5 years old. Below is a list of Andy’s achievements in three development areas.


1. Recognizes many letters of English Alphabet. Likes to play Bingo where he learns automatically Alphabet and pronounce of the  English sounds.  
2. Understands the concepts of "tallest, biggest, same, more, on, in, under, and above."
3. Counts up to 9 objects out loud.
4. Speaks in fairly complex sentences.
5. Asks a lot of questions.
6. Names many colors.
7. Can turn on and off TV,
DVD player, insert and remove CD.


1. Uses a spoon and a fork skillfully.
2. Sleeps 10 hours at night and naps 2 hours mid-day.
3. Dresses by himself without much assistance (unzip, unbutton clothes, wear shoes).
4. Pedals and steers a tricycle skillfully.
5. Likes to gallop and climb ladders.
6. Started to attend sports and dance classes.


1. Seeks out adult approval.
2. Most of the time understands and obeys simple rules.
3. Persistently asks why.
4. Understands danger-at times can became quite fearful.
5. Most of the time expresses anger verbally rather than physically.

Andy's height is 38 and 5/8 inches (0,983m), and his weight is 30 lbs (13.6kg).

7-12 Months

Finally Andy is four!!! Below is a list of his achievements in two development areas.



 1.Knows all English letters, recognizes familiar words or simple signs in books.
 2. Counts from 1 to 20.
 3. Understands his daily routines (breakfast before lunch, lunch before dinner, dinner before bed time).
 4. Asks and answers who, what, when, why, and where questions.
 5. Remains focused on one activity for 20-30 minutes.     
 6. Follows 2 unrelated directions (put your milk on the table and get your coat on).
 7. Has basic understanding of concepts related to numbers, size, weight, colors, textures, distance, position, and time.
 8. Enjoys listening to the stories.


 1. Enjoys playing with other children.
 2. Capable of feeling jealous.
 3. Likes to shock others by using "forbidden" words.
 4. Separates from parent more easily in familiar surroundings.
 5. Becomes more independent and resistant to help from parents.

Andy's height is 40 and 1/8 inches (1.02m), and his weight is 33 lbs (15 kg).



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Last Updated: November 28, 2011