1st YEAR

 1st Month

My younger brother Andrew was born on November 28, 2006.  He was 20 inches (0.508m) tall and his weight was 8 lbs 9 oz (3.884kg).

At the end of the month he could hold his head when lying on the tummy. He paid close attention to voices, especially high-pitched ones. He could startle at loud or unexpected noises.  He was able to consistently focus both eyes and track  a moving object.

 2nd Month

Andrew is two months old already. In general, it is not too much of a time period, but for him it was big. He started to follow objects that move around him. Andy was able to lift his head briefly and turn it from side to side when lying on his stomach. When somebody smiled to him, he smiled back too.

 3rd  Month

Now Andrew raise his head while laying on his tummy and keeps it up steadily. He can flip over from his back to his tummy. He is strong enough to hold up his head while sitting in a car sit.

Andy likes visually tracking moving objects. He recognizes our parents, me, and our voices. He stops crying when I am speaking to him. He likes already to look at the pictures and colorful toys.

 4th Month Andy now has two teeth (the lower middle two teeth)! He is getting stronger too trying to  bear his weight on legs.  He sleeps less now and spends many of his waking hours watching what goes on around him. Andy already reacts when you talk to him. He is interested in toys, plays with them, grasps, and tries to put them in the mouth. He doesn't like the pacifier at all though.
 5th Month

Andrew can sit up for a few moments without support. He likes playing with the toys, taking those from hand to hand and from hand to mouth.

Andy is getting smarter. He turns his head towards anyone who speaks to him and "listens". He shows interest in colorful books.

 6th Month

Six months are over. What can do Andy now? He can sit without any support and roll in both directions. He likes to play with objects, shaking, hitting, dropping, and throwing things when he explores them. He likes to watch TV and stops crying when the music is turned on.

Andy started to use teaspoon to eat kefir.

 7th Month

Andy is getting stronger. He can stand by himself while holding onto something. He likes to bounce as somebody is holding him by his hands. He tries to crawl to reach things.

Andy enjoys noise-making toys like music boxes, etc. He attempts to imitate sounds.

 8th Month

Andrew is now showing definite signs of becoming more independent.  He can easily sit or stand up in the crib and "walk around" while holding onto the rail.

Another sign of independence is his desire to self-feed himself. During mealtimes, he will try to grab the milk bottle. He can manage to take finger food with his thumb and two fingers. He is already using a sippy cup to drink water.

 9th Month
Andy is getting more stronger. He can walk already when somebody is holding his hand. His best exercise is jumping, especially when the music plays. If he wants to reach something in the house and no one would help him, he starts to crawl (which he is doing very well).

He can pick up small objects fairly easily, is able to lean forward while sitting to pick up a toy and he doesn't lose his balance.

He also demonstrates a better memory for past events and an increased ability to solve simple problems. For instance, if you try to give him some food that he rejected earlier, he will push it away again. Andy already indicates what he wants with gestures.

 10th Month

Andrew is now greatly improving his abilities to crawl, climb, and walk with somebody's help. He already understands how to put objects into a container.

Andy likes to open and close the drawers. He likes to see what happens when he starts throwing the toys one after another from his crib.

 11th Month

Andy is almost ready to walk on his own!  He is now strong enough to stand alone for a couple of seconds. He walks holding someone's hand, and easily climbs the staircase.

Andy already understands "no" (even though he mostly ignores it :) and other simple instructions. He is enjoying his new experiences and trying new things. For instance, he can ride a toy car. He looks around very attentively when he takes a ride in his stroller in the park.

 12th Month

Andy made his first steps!  On November 17th, at the age of 11 months and 20 days, he surprised himself by realizing crawling is not the only way to get around.

Although he does not speak or use any real words himself, he understands a good number of Russian words quite well. Andy indicates insistently his wants with gestures. He is getting stronger; he likes climbing up and down stairs.

He demonstrates his playfulness, curiosity, and willingness to try something new.  He shows his likes and dislikes of certain foods.

Andy’s height is 28 and 3/4 inches (0.73 m), and his weight is 21 lbs (9.51kg). 




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