2nd YEAR

1-3 Months

Andy is now getting more experience walking alone and climbing the stairs. He enjoys gazing at his reflection in the mirror. He can already push and pull toys while walking, roll a ball back and forth. Andy likes dancing to the music.

Andy can now understand and respond to different instructions, for example "bring your shoes," "have a sit in your stroller ". He is learning how to do common things,  like opening and closing doors, and calling the elevator. He waves good-bye when leaving,

Andy’s height is 30 and 1/5 inches (0.775 m), and his weight is 22 lbs (9.96kg). 

4-6 Months

Andy is one and a half.  What can he do now? The fact that he can not talk yet doesn't bother him because he can show everything that he wants in signs that we understand. He also understands everything that adults tell him, and he responds to words and commands with the appropriate actions.

Andy already uses spoon, and when grandma tries to feed, him he insists to do it himself.

Andy demonstrates a variety of emotions and behaviors including happiness, disappointment, warmth, assertiveness, and curiosity. He understands his limits and can play and explore away from parents. Andy enjoys parental affection and is able to communicate his wishes and his intentions.

Andy's height is
31 and 5/8 inches (0.805m), and his weight is 22.5 lbs (10.2 kg).

7-9 Months

The most important accomplishment of this period is that Andy started to pronounce some words. There is interesting facts: when you ask him how he will call his grandma when he needs her, he tells “Nyanya”-the same name for grandma that I use still. Now he pronounce “Bye” when he wants to go for a walk.

Andy’s vocabulary is still limited, but he understands Russian language fairly good. He can show several parts of his body, simple pictures in a book. He learns more and more around the houses of his parents and grandparents: he can turn on and off TV, open and close the  sliding doors of closet and balcony; he knows where his toys located.

Andy's height is
32 and 3/4 inches (0.832m), and his weight is 24 lbs (10.86 kg).

10-12 Months

Andy's vocabulary is growing, and he tries to repeat many words that are said to him. He uses words and not just gestures to describe what he wants. When he wants to go for a walk, he says "park," and when he wants to see a movie about trains, he says "tu-tu." He recognizes colors of toys and understands opposites (e. g., tall vs. short).

Now Andy takes more of interest in playing with other kids at the playground. He tries to do many things himself. He gets upset when his grandma tries to open the apartment door, and he insists (saying "Ya, Ya", that means "I" in Russian) to give the door key to him. He want to hold the front door of the apartment open when the grandma goes out with his stroller.

Andy is getting stronger. He likes to walk instead of sitting in the stroller. Jumping on his bed is his favorite pastime when he wakes up.

Andy's height is
34 inches (0.865m), and his weight is 24 and 3/4 lbs (11.2 kg).



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Last Updated: November 28, 2011