3rd YEAR

1-4 Months

What can do Andy at his 2 years and 4 months?  He starts speaking in complete sentences of three words and can match an object to a picture of that object. Andy accepts suggestions and follows simple directions.  For instance, before he starts playing with a new toy he places the old one back at its storage place.  He can still understand much more than he can say, but he is really trying hard to express himself by speaking more and more.

Andy can pull off his shoes and tries to put on them, but cannot tie laces. He tries to dress himself and to use the zipper on the jacket. He can feed himself with the spoon and the small fork, and he holds a cup with one hand. He can stack blocks and turn book pages.

At the age nearly 2 years and 2months (January 26, 2009) he started attending the preschool, and it did not take him long to get used to leaving his parents for a whole day

Andy’s height is 36 inches (0.914m), and his weight is 25 lbs (11.33kg).

5-8 Months This period of time was full of Andy’s new important achievements.

He is now capable of the logical reasoning. For example, when his grandpa sat on the bench in the evening, he asked "why did you sit?” The grandpa told him that he was tired, and Andy replied, “If you are tired, let we leave and go home to sleep.”

He already uses three to five words in sentences and can carry on a simple conversation. He enjoys repeating words in Russian and English and repeating any sounds he hears; his vocabulary is growing rapidly.

Andy likes listening attentively to short stories and books. He distinguishes, matches, and names six colors, understands “now and later,” and follows a two- or three-part commands.


At the age of nearly 2 years and 8 month Andy became potty-trained.

Andy’s height is 36 and 1/2 inches (0.923 m), and his weight is 28
lbs (12.68kg).

9-12 Months

Andy is THREE!!!

His vocabulary had grown noticeably. He understands the concepts of "now, soon, and later," asks who, where, and why questions. Andy interested in similarities and differences.

He recognizes common everyday sounds, and can tell what kind of animals produce special sounds. He can count up to ten objects. He knows how old he is, and can tell it when somebody asks about it.

He loves me (I am his older brother), and tries to share with me his food and toys.

His primary language is still Russian, but he knows how to translate several words to English.

Andy's height is 37 and 1/4 inches (0.947m), and his weight is 28 and 1/2 lbs (12.9kg).



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Last Updated: November 28, 2011