1st YEAR

1st Month At the age of one month, I started fixing my eyes on different subjects. When I was hungry, I sucked my fingers. I preferred to look at the high contrast patterns and faces. I was able to hold my head up for several seconds, and when I was lying on my stomach, I could lift my head. I smiled. I never thought it makes my parents and grandparents so happy.
2nd Month  Holding head up?  Big deal, anyone can do it. Don’t start counting; I can do it for a loooong time.  Nothing passes me now without being noticed. I like following moving objects. People smile to me a lot.  I smile back too.  It is not easy yet, but I am starting to hold my toys.
3rd  Month  I am getting older. Now I can stretch my limbs all the way out. I can roll from my back to my stomach. I discovered my hands and feet and like to play with them. I know how to laugh now.  This is fun!
4th Month Unbelievable: I can now stand up with someone’s help.  This is cool!  I try reaching some interesting objects and start exploring things by tasting them in my mouth.  Let me tell you, some of them taste quite interesting.  If I don’t laugh for a while, they tickle me.  I have no choice but laughing.
5th Month Rolling over from front to back is a no-brainer now, I also wiggle forward on the floor. They don’t have to give me toys now, I just  grab them. I can almost juggle now (if you call transferring toys from hand to hand juggling).
6th Month What are all those little babies doing lying on their backs all day long?  I could already sit up now.  Hey, not only that, but if somebody hold me by the hand, I try to stand up and make a step or two.  However, crawling is really the best way to get around. I’m also becoming a more intelligent human being: I watch the TV and “learn” computer science.
7th Month Don’t worry, move your hands from me:  I can sit up well on my own.  I like to shake my toys and to touch them with other hand. I have no idea what they are all talking about:  I have my own language.  Not too many sounds, and no one else understands, but fun anyway.  Crawling?  Easy!
8th Month My crib is not just for lying down anymore.  I can easy sit or stand up there, and even “walk around”.  If I don’t like the toy in my crib, it just flies out.  I am adding some new sounds to my language (well, “sounds” to you, but they are “words” to me) to my language.
9th Month I am getting big and strong. Now I need to work out to maintain my shape. Jumping, crawling, climbing the stairs: no time for rest.  Let me tell you, climbing the stairs is the most fun: up and down, up and down, up and down.  They can’t even keep up with me. Finally, I can hold my hands up to show my wish to be picked up.
10th Month

I can walk now!!!! Well, let’s be fair, not exactly.  They need to hold my hands, and I don’t go too far, but what would you expect, I am not even a year old yet.  They say they don’t understand what I am saying, but hey, everyone understands crying, and I now use it quite well. . I start successfully to use the potty.

11th Month This month was the hardest month in my life since I was born. My parents decided to teach me how to sleep properly. Until now, I could only fall asleep by being rocked on the hand of my parents or grandparents. Besides, I would wake up multiple times during the night asking to be rocked to sleep again. This was quite convenient, but they’ve just had it.  They started putting me down, leaving my bedroom, and just letting me cry.  On the first night of this experiment I cried for the whole hour (my grandparents were crying as well). But we, babies, are smart.  As soon as I realized that they just won’t come, no matter how long I cry, I started going to sleep quickly and quietly.  It didn’t even take a week!  By the way, I am improving on my walking too. 
12th Month June 4th was the most significant day of this month for me.  This day, at the age  of 11 months and 24 days, I made my first four steps without anyone's help.  I am walking now!!! 

Communications are easy.  Just one word, "eee", is all you need.  I can just point my finger to anything I want, say "eee" in the appropriate tone, and whatever my finger is pointed to magically appears in my hands. Pretty cool, you know. 

Because I am taller now, I can reach doors' handles and open the doors.  What makes it really fun is the non-stopping open - close - open - close - open - close.... routine. I used to be able to play the same open - close - open game with the drawers. But somehow that doesn't work anymore.  I guess they didn't like it much and installed some sort of special latches, so that I can not open the drawers anymore.  Just wait, I'll figure that out too soon. I am getting taller, I can walk, I can open the doors.  Nothing escapes my reach!! The sweet feeling of freedom... And this is just the beginning! 



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